New AMG GT Black Series - the most powerful Mercedes road car ever!

This is the all-new Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series, and it’s the most powerful Mercedes road car EVER! Borrowing aero elements from the Mercedes GT3 racing car, so it already looks more aggressive than the regular GT… and that’s before you check out the massive front grille and multiple air intakes!

When it comes to performance, the new GT Black Series is absolutely off the charts! It may use a similar 4-litre twin-turbo V8 as found in the regular GT, but it’s been given loads of upgrades, meaning it can now put down 730hp and 800Nm of torque! This makes it the most powerful V8 engine AMG has ever put in a road car, helping it launch to 60mph in just 3.2 seconds, with a top speed of 202mph! 

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Mercedes GLB 2021 review - it's a half-price GLS! 🚗🚗🚗

This is the Mercedes GLB! And we’ll be the first to admit, we’re a bit confused… The new GLB sits below the GLC in the range of Mercedes SUVs, but it’s actually bigger and more practical than the ‘C! Confusing? We’d have to agree.

But given you can pick up this seven-seater from just £34,500, will it make the MUCH bigger GLS obsolete?! Well when you consider that the top-of-the-range petrol engine (the GLB 35) is a 2-litre turbo that produces 306hp and 400Nm, it just might! So is it the smarter choice for your family? You’ll have to stick with Mat to find out!

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How Cus D'Amato made Mike Tyson champion 🥊🥊

Mike Tyson is a puncher for all time. In the 80s, the American became the youngest heavyweight champion - and this record has not been broken so far. The fury in the ring and the unique technique delight boxing fans - there are no analogues in heavy weight. About all the inhabitants of the planet know about Tyson, but many did not hear about the man who made the champion. Grandfather Cas D’Amato raised the champion from the age of 13, but did not live to see his main victory.

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Explosion of a fuel truck on a highway in China hit the video

A fuel truck exploded on a freeway in the Chinese eastern province of Zhejiang. About this with reference to the Central Television of China reports RIA Novosti. The moment of the explosion hit the video.
After the explosion, the tank flew at least a few hundred meters more, flying over three- and four-story buildings. The blast wave knocked out the windows and doors in private houses located near the highway where the incident happened.
According to preliminary data, five people were killed as a result of the accident, at least 50 were injured. What exactly was transported in the fuel truck is still unknown. Also, no reasons for the explosion were reported.

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Hyena stole prey from a python in front of tourists 🐕 🐍

In the Kruger South African National Park, a hyena stole prey of a hieroglyphic python in front of tourists. Footage taken by an eyewitness was posted on the Kruger Sightings YouTube channel.

According to the author of the video, 33-year-old guide Jason Joubert, his attention was attracted by a hyena, who purposefully followed the trail. “Apparently, she was very interested in smelling and studying the area for some time,” the guide says. “After the inspection, the hyena found a hieroglyphic python that wrapped itself around a young impala.”

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