Welcome to all the new joiners to our fight for freedom. No to Social Credit System. (2 videos)

I'm really glad you started off with the BAD news first.  

I ALWAYS wanted that to be heard when I was a child, but my self centered classmates insisted on hearing GOOD news first, so that - inevitably - everyone would be forced to end up being left in a bad "place" after the news was given.  

Really bothered me tremendously, and I thought there was no one else in the world who would see it as I did.  

Very much appreciative of the fact that you ENDED on good news - the way it should be.


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The Military Industrial Complex and CNN Being Exposed

Finally someone speaking truth in this podcast! This is what the world needs from you Joe, this is what you used to bring to the table, people speaking Truth and asking reasonable questions about the world we live in. The world is finally awaking to the grim reality we were born into, and if you really want to provide a service to your fellow humans with your platform, this is how you do it! I hope you can keep it up.

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