Amazing!! Creativity and intelligence of a farmer!! 😮😮😮

The tools are wonderful combined with fantastic music background music. Please, I will appreciate if you can link us with the ingenious manufacturer/Farmers for each of them. Here in Nigeria we use human labour mostly. Once again accept my deepest thanks for all efforts.


Creativity and intelligence of a farmer

Posted by Color of life on Saturday, August 29, 2020

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AMAZING TRANSFORMATION | What A Wonderful Feeling - His First Haircut After Years

There are so many things to say but i can't choose the words. I will try to stay relax and calm. In the video you will watch Hayri our homeless friend from our neighborhood. Sometimes he comes and asks for tea and coffee and not even for money or meal. just a cup of tea/coffee.
Recently i thought to make a transformation out of him. I asked and explained my idea about a transformation, haircut, barber treatment and new clothes but he rejected my offer. Suddenly the day after he came and seemed for me he was ok for it. I asked again and he was ok :)
As i explained in the video one of the most important feeling and emotion are a touch on a heart. I hope i could touched hayri's heart. It was a wonderful feeling.
You will watch in the video it was his first haircut after years. I won't explain how bad the situation hor his head and hair was. It was a difficult moment for m

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