Sweet Present from Nature - Yunnan Honey of Various Flowers

Yunnan is home to many different honey. Each bee gathers honey from different flowers, thus producing honey of different colors and flavors. Honey can be sweet, bitter or sour. It all depends on what flowers the bees visited.

After a whole year, let's have a look at all the honey I've collected. I made some desserts using honey to comfort all the hardship I'd gone through collecting honey during the year

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A Meat with Unique Taste——Sour Meat [Western Yunnan Brother]

The meat made three months ago can be eaten today. Some ethnic minorities in Yunnan will pickle and ferment the meat to eat it. They are wrapped with banana leaves and fermented with glutinous rice and spices. The common feature is A small amount of salt is naturally marinated and fermented by virtue of Yunnan's unique weather resources. The meat has a slight sour taste, and it is fragrant but not greasy!

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Dongyue, you must eat a year of pig rice to be complete.

It's time for the annual pork stew feast again. On this day, we will prepare a jar of fermented pickled vegetables, a bowl of "Red Raw Cold Dish" and some stir-fried sour pig blood. We will also mix the golden roasted pig skin with sour papaya vinegar, make stir-fried pork with fava beans, stir-fried pig liver with garlic sprouts and brewed some pickled vegetables using the broth. Family members who are working outside the village all come back one after another. After having take-outs for most of the year, the annual pork stew feast in the winter months always reminds us of the coming Spring Festival. 
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