Trouble Sleeping? Your Tongue Reveals Your Health - Dr Alan Mandell, DC

No one “really likes to snore” but most accept it and carry on their lives until they face some kind of health problem.  Remember there is no such thing as spot reduction, or things would be made easy.  Increasing your bodies metabolism through a healthy diet and exercise is key to burning fat.   There are still other factors that can cause these problems like having a narrow airway, sinus or nasal problems,  alcohol, smoking, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, oral appliances, and sleeping on your back.  
Many people with obstructive sleep apnea never snore, so if you’re waking up many times throughout the night and always feeling tired in the morning and throughout the day then it’s wise to mention this to your doctor. 😊

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Joe Biden’s Mental Condition is... Presidential | Andrew Schulz

It's time we talk about Joe Biden. Some people may say that he's in the throes of dementia, and that his declining mental health should disqualify him from office,  but this couldn't be farther from the truth. Joe Biden's declining mental health doesn't make him crazy... it makes him Trump 2.0. INDULGE!

Written and Created by Andrew Schulz, Mark Gagnon, and Alexxmedia
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Art Studio Remod - pt. 1

The old building we have behind our house, which we call the rec room, isn't good for much other than storage. Over the years it has filled up with junk and it's a dark, damp space. Kelly been wanting an art studio and we both decided that with some work the rec room could be the perfect space. We also thought that if we put in a small bathroom and kitchen area that it would be a perfect guest house for when the in-laws are visiting from Ireland. Job number one was to get the space emptied, which was no small feat. Next we started pulling down the interior walls and gutted most of what was there. We decided on this project to get some help, since it's summer time here on the farm and I'll be busy planting and doing other things on the farm often. Robert is a long time family friend that has helped us with many projects here on the farm over the years and I've learned a lot watching him work. Robert and I framed in the new changes to the layout of the building and then started cutting out the siding for new windows and doors. With the windows set, we ran the electrical and plumbing and lastly hung some insulation just in time for a load of drywall to show up.

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