INSIDE DC: A City In Ruins [Benny On The Block 38]

Benny Johnson is BACK in DC. This time, he’s giving us a glimpse into the TRUE reality of life in our nation’s Capitol - and it’s far from beautiful.

While the Elites sit safely behind their walls, barbed wire, and personal military protection, the rest of the District’s citizens are left to fend for themselves.

For a group of people that had quite a bit to say about NOT constructing walls along the border of our nation, they seem to have no issue at all putting up a wall if it means it will help keep THEM safe.

Is there any hope for the District of Columbia?! 

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Vintage Menswear: 25 Tips & Tricks for Thrift Store Shopping

Excellent video.  It's right up my alley.  I'm a keen thrifter (charity shops /vintage shops, as we call them in the UK). Great to see you guys actually out there in a real shop scenario.   Loved the coat from the Austrian maker.   

I get many compliments on my clothes since I've been carefully choosing vintage and second hand quality.  I have recently bought a bespoke suit from Austin Reed (made before the changes and re-start/re-brand).  I had it altered as it was too long in the body.  I take your point, Sven, about the proportions being off if too much material is altered.   My suit looks a little off as the pockets sit a little low.  That said, I bought the suit for £8.00 and spent £55 in alterations and I'm generally pleased with it as it's quality cloth with working cuff buttons :-)

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