Recreating Paul Rudd’s favorite KC sandwich completely from scratch

Paul Rudd proclaimed that the Z-Man Sandwich the perfect sandwich in his Hot Ones interview, I new I needed to put it to the test. Although I had no plans of going to Kansas City to visit Joes KC (the creator of the Z-Man Sandwich), after a little searching it turns out that that they will send you a box for you to assemble and enjoy their sandwiches at home! After a taste test in the studio it was time to make this baby from scratch! 

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Building An Electric Motorcycle - Plans Available

FINALLY, the motorbike is finished. Sort of. I'm upgrading the front/rear suspension, and the hydraulic brakes over the winter. I don't feel the common components used on other e-bikes are suitable for the extra weight that this motorcycle is carrying in battery capacity (battery alone weighs 80 lbs). But it's a very comfortable ride, regardless. Not like a typical e-bike. Other minor cosmetic details could be better, as well, but that's a matter of opinion/preference I think. Other than that, I think this bike is great. I love it! Fast enough for highway use, better acceleration than most cars, and more than enough range for the avg person's daily commutes. 

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