The Military Industrial Complex and CNN Being Exposed

Finally someone speaking truth in this podcast! This is what the world needs from you Joe, this is what you used to bring to the table, people speaking Truth and asking reasonable questions about the world we live in. The world is finally awaking to the grim reality we were born into, and if you really want to provide a service to your fellow humans with your platform, this is how you do it! I hope you can keep it up.

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The Solution Is So Easy - We Could Stop This NOW! | MAX IGAN 2022

The word "church" wasn't actually in the original biblical books, it replaced the word "congregation" - big difference!  And, Jesus prayed outside, on mountain tops, meeting with people outside, and there was the cave that he may have taught in too, not in a "church". He warned us of this to the point that he called temple leaders "children of hell" (Matthew 23). Great video Max, thank you! 

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Ethan Klein Calls Out Joe Rogan's Health - Leftist Projection

Obese people are at greater risk of hospitalization from da coof, just saying. Overweight people can be healthy, there's usually just a lot of 'butts' thrown in there (physical activity, level of overweight, reasons for it [muscle weights more than fat, hormonal changes], etc). There is also a limit to it (full-blown obesity naturally counteracts healthiness)  

I feel like the reason people went against Joe so much is simply that his mention of how he treated his own case of the beer bug actually is simply money connections. There's a multitude of pharmaceuticals across the world that could be useful against this sickness, but don't receive proper funding to finish clinical testing because the investment would not be returned, and they still need to earn some money from the stuff they pump out, be it inoculations or the up-and-coming, likely overpriced anti-coof drugs.

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