The crocodile caught the fastest animal in the world, dragged it under water and ate it

 In South Africa's Kruger National Park, a crocodile caught and ate a cheetah cub, considered the fastest animal in the world. The animal footage was posted on the Kruger Sightings YouTube channel.

Guide Busani Mtshali was conducting an online tour for guests of the Phinda Private Reserve and spotted a female cheetah with two cubs at a watering hole. He showed in the video how the young male approached the reservoir and began to carefully quench his thirst. Suddenly, a crocodile jumped out of the water and grabbed the cub in front of his mother.

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Sakura in 8K- Takato Castle Ruins Park

Takato Castle Ruins Park, which is located in Ina City of Nagano Prefecture, is renowned  as one of the best locations to see cherry blossoms in Japan.  About 1500 sakura trees bloom each spring, attracting thousands of visitors across Japan. ※Filmed in cooperation with Ina City Office.
Unauthorized drone flights are strictly prohibited and the park is currently closed due to corona virus pandemic. Please enjoy the beautiful sakura trees of Takato when the corona virus outbreak ends.

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Hyena stole prey from a python in front of tourists 🐕 🐍

In the Kruger South African National Park, a hyena stole prey of a hieroglyphic python in front of tourists. Footage taken by an eyewitness was posted on the Kruger Sightings YouTube channel.

According to the author of the video, 33-year-old guide Jason Joubert, his attention was attracted by a hyena, who purposefully followed the trail. “Apparently, she was very interested in smelling and studying the area for some time,” the guide says. “After the inspection, the hyena found a hieroglyphic python that wrapped itself around a young impala.”

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Thousands of birds attack a car park 🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦

It's called a murmuring and the thousands of birds exhibit some pretty cool flight patterns and formations. How exciting to be actually in the middle of one. I could watch this forever. Thankfully someone had the presence of mind to film this perfectly natural phenomena. Too bad we have the ignorant one shrieking on the audio like it's something terrible. It's beautiful.

Thousands of birds attack a car park

This is like something from a horror movie! 😬😱via ViralHog

Posted by Daily Mail on Saturday, April 18, 2020
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Building the World's Weirdest Fan

Fantastic! I especially love how you share your trial and error.   

Had a thought while watching today. This design could easily be ported to medical devices, which is would be incredibly useful right now. I don't know how practical it would be to scale this down to move only the amount of air lungs need, but you really have something unique here that has the potential to help a lot of people, if you can manufacture en masse.

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