First Hot Pot in Yunnan Winter - Tengchong Hot Pot

How do we live through winter in Yunnan? Wear a coat and enjoy the steaming hot pot will do. The earthenware is made of clay found in Tengchong. Such pots are simple but pretty. It keeps the original flavors of each ingredients, while at the same time gently combine all the flavors into one.  

Enjoy the steaming hot pot in the winter will warm you from inside out.


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Ancient stone housebarn becomes couple's tranquil home-office

In the Cantabrian mountains of Northern Spain, the traditional barn houses- used by nomadic farmers who graze their livestock on only grasses- have been abandoned as larger mechanized operations took over the industry.

Laura Álvarez, who grew up enjoying the raw nature of this region, bought an abandoned stone house barn, a "cabaña pasiega", and rebuilt it paying homage to its past (passive solar orientation, few windows), but with a modern take.

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