A huge spider lived at a man's house for a year 🕷️🕷️🕷️

A resident of the Australian city of Cairns, Queensland, shared a photo of a giant crab spider that has lived at his home for a year. Reported by the publication Republic World.

On Friday, November 27th, Jake Gray posted a photo of an arthropod that lives in his home on the Australian Spider Identification Group Facebook page.

He said that the giant crab spider has lived with him for over a year. The attached photo shows a huge arthropod on a white wall.

In the caption, Gray wrote: “Love from Australia. Especially you. Yes, he's real. "

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Sweet Present from Nature - Yunnan Honey of Various Flowers

Yunnan is home to many different honey. Each bee gathers honey from different flowers, thus producing honey of different colors and flavors. Honey can be sweet, bitter or sour. It all depends on what flowers the bees visited.

After a whole year, let's have a look at all the honey I've collected. I made some desserts using honey to comfort all the hardship I'd gone through collecting honey during the year

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California Deems Breasts a Congenital Defect IF You IDENTIFY as a Man

I was talking with a friend of my who lives in Texas and he told me that he was going to get his haircut and I asked him how is that possible. I told him our hair salons have been shut for a month for the 4th time this year. He said they were open in Texas. He then said he would be going out to dine later and I asked about outdoor dining and he said no it’s indoor dining with less capacity but otherwise it’s normal. Then I realized they have the virus and so do we but look how differently it is being handled. We have dictators who violate their own rules and peach to us and destroy businesses and a reckless local media who play 24/7 scare game. It seemed a complete awakening. We need new mayors and a recall of Newsom. Please enough is enough.

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