Joe Biden completely forgets what he’s talking about in excruciating press conference 😮😮😮

CONFUSED Joe Biden completely forgot what he was talking about and mumbled incoherently at the camera before walking away from the podium mid-question in an excruciating press conference.

The president took questions from reporters for the first time on Thursday afternoon, but quickly began to make mistakes.
AS he finished answering a question about filibuster, Biden appeared to trail off-thought, ending with a pause, concluding "anyway."

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Meghan Markle’s treatment of her father is the ‘best character assessment’

William and Kate are pure class, these two are a clown show.  When she divorces him he’ll be the laughing stock back in the Uk. They didn’t want to work social engagements for the monarchy, but  wanted  all the benefits. They say they want their privacy then are on Oprah.  What is Harry going to do now, play with chickens on their property all day? Pathetic

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