Starlink – the rural internet game changer for your homestead

** We are located in the Pacific Northwest, at 48°N. At the current time (Dec, 2020) you need to live between about 44°N and 52°N to qualify for the beta test group. **

In this video, I discuss Starlink – the SpaceX owned, Elon Musk-inspired very-low-earth-orbit satellite-based internet provider whose service is currently in beta testing.

We have had the Starlink end user system for a little over two weeks, and in this video I give information about the system, what the install procedure is like, and what sort of performance we have seen from it in the past two weeks (late November to early December, 2020)

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The blogger made a swimsuit of protective masks and was cursed online

A Vietnamese blogger and entrepreneur made a bikini out of protective masks and was abused on the net. The picture appeared in the Instagram account of the public No Eloquence.

The owner of the online store, Oanh, photographed herself in a mirror in a swimsuit made of blue medical masks, which is why subscribers criticized her in the comments below the post. “Thank you for wasting the masks”, “So where did they all go!”, “In Europe and America, there are barely enough masks, and you use them that way,” “What a shame,” commentators were indignant.

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