Sports Prodigies | Kids Are Awesome!

Now, these kids are AWESOME! Welcome to People Are Awesome's World's Most Talented Kids compilation, featuring kids from all over the world with amazing skills, talents, and abilities! From kids' martial arts, to kids' gymnastics, and everything in between... Sit back, relax, and prepare to be inspired by some of the most amazing young talents the world has to offer!

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Spicy River Snails, My All-Time Favorite

When was the last time you caught those river snails?ย 
I enjoyed catching river snails when I was a kid. But I usually came home all muddy with little success. My brother Hao isn't as naughty, though he likes eating just like me. We caught a bucket of river snails and made two dishes. Aside from hard to clean, river snails are the best ingredients. Both the boiled river snails or the spicy flavored ones are quite delicious!

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Youโ€™ve Never Seen a Barn Conversion Like This Before

As a kid playing in the hayloft of his parentsโ€™ dusty 80-year-old barn in Medina, Ohio, Andrew Towne never imagined that one day he would convert the space into a stunning modern home for himself and his then elementary school friend Crystal Madrilejos. But decades later, thatโ€™s exactly what happened. ย  See how this family of four converted nan 80-year-old barn into a warm, cozy home with a one-of-a-kind exposed interior roof frame. ย See more barn conversion ideas on Houzz. ย 

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Cotton ... Cotton's life, I promise to think of a new series name next time

I'm here to tell you something about her childhood and now. As far as I'm concerned, her mother passed away when she was little. Soon after, her father married another woman . Her stepmother was mean, she was like every stepmother you've read about in the fairy tales. Ziqi was forced to do all the housework, she didn't even get to go to school usually. Her grandparents were very supportive to her and protected her, they are the most important people to her. Her father passed away then, and Idk what happened to her stepmother after that. She then quit school and came to the cities to work as much as she could to help her grandparents.

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Making a 48" Round Walnut TableTop

This will most likely be my last video of 2019! I hope everyone had a great year! This piece was for a local customer that needed a 48" round table top. They provided a nice metal base which paired well with the walnut. I used 6/4 lumber and finished with a thickness of 1.25". The big 16" jointer came in handy and allowed me to break this build into smaller sub panels that could be flattened along the way. The finish for the table is a few coats of shellac followed by a few coats of a matte water-based polyurethane. Thanks for watching!

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