Aluminum sculpture now transformable home inside former razor factory

After stripping back an apartment inside a former razor factory to its original industrial concrete walls, floors, and ceilings, Jean-Maxime Labrecque began to insert raw aluminum furniture modules to fulfill all of the dwelling’s functions: bed, walk-in closet, bookshelf, sofa, counter, stools, kitchen, and storage. Calling it “Inhabitable Sculpture”, Labrecque was asked to create “a space that people will find cold” and that was like “living in an art gallery.” The work evolved slowly over 4 years from conception to completion, allowing plenty of time for multiple iterations in fabrication and installation.

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DIY Resin River Coffee Table (In A Small Workshop)

Was wanting to build a resin river coffee table for the longest time, but have been too intimidated because I don’t have industrial sized tools in my workshop. So, I found a way to make the table I’ve been dreaming up with four types of handheld power tools (circular saw, drill, sander, hand planer). So, whether you’re sick of resin tables or you love them, my hope is to show you that you don’t need a big fancy shop to make cool things!

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