FIX TINNITUS - Dr Alan Mandell, DC

Millions of people experience tinnitus in different degrees, some are louder than others.  Tinnitus is the perception of sound when no actual external noise is present. While it is commonly referred to as “ringing in the ears,” tinnitus can manifest many different perceptions of sound, including buzzing, hissing, whistling, swooshing, and clicking.  For some, it can lead to insomnia, difficulty with concentration, poor work or school performance, irritability, anxiety, and depression.

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This is the breakfast you want! (with avocado)

This is the breakfast you want! (with crushed avocado). 
How to make amazing avocado toast with eggs.  This is the breakfast you want!
What I love about this breakfast is that it’s not only healthy and hearty, it’s delicious and quick to make (if you’re organised).   The eggs are fried but kind of poached and steamed at the same time.  So they remain soft and delicate like poached eggs with the flavour of fried eggs.  Adding the chopped chives to the raw whites gives the eggs a great flavour and an interesting look as the chives set in the cooked whites.  

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Your Healing Starts Right Now | Dr Alan Mandell, DC

The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity.  Through my education and many years of experience, I have developed many natural safe techniques to help the body repair and heal without the dangerous side effects of drugs, surgeries, and other invasive procedures.  Please share these videos with your family and friends.  I wish you and your family Good Health!  Dr Mandell

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How to Kill Herpes Building Your Immune System - Dr Alan Mandell, DC

The immune system can and does fight all herpes infections. When an individual contracts herpes, the immune system responds in multiple ways. Both the innate and adaptive immune responses take place. Infected cells can release signalling molecules detected attracting immune cells that can kill infected cells. Antibodies against the virus are produced that will neutralize any virus in the blood.

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10 WARNING Signs your Kidneys Need HELP - Dr Alan Mandell, DC

Some kidney problems can be early signs of chronic kidney disease (CKD), the type of kidney damage that can get worse over time and lead to kidney failure. Finding and treating these problems early can help prevent CKD from becoming kidney failure. Other kidney problems can lead to CKD if they are not treated. Knowing your body and contacting your health care provider when you notice something isn’t right can help you prevent bigger problems in the future. 
Sources referred to National Kidney Foundation

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