Inside a pink plastic 500W heater from eBay. (Good for parts.)

I'm not sure why the Chinese sellers like to post pictures that represent their products bursting into flames.  Another seller posted a picture of this style of heater being dangled into a bonfire.  Presumably to imply fire resistance.

This could be a useful donor unit for the conveniently sized PTC heater block with mountings for a standard computer style fan.  The case is quite nice too and breaks down into six parts.

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10 Italian Songs You've Heard And Don't Know The Name

Fun facts: “Funiculì Funiculà” was, according to some sources, not only a celebrative song for the construction of the first cable car (or funicular railway) on an active volcano in the world, but a “viral marketing” stunt for the railway itself "Torna a Surriento"  (come back to Sorrento) authors (Ernesto and his brother Giambattista De Curtis, respectively  a musician and a poet) were great-grandsons of composer Saverio Mercadante. I challenge you to listen to this song in the rendition by Enrico Caruso or Luciano Pavarotti, in a warm summer night in Sorrento, Capri, Positano or Ravello, and not have shivers :) “Bella ciao” (which you probably know because of "La Casa de Papel" TV series) was a chant composed by an unknown writer during WWII and sung by the autonomous liberation resistance members who fought against nazi-fascist troops, yet it’s not a mistake to claim that the music is from the 19th century as the roots of the melody are in rice-pickers field hollers (a bit like cotton-pickers fields hollers are the roots of blues music) a job then reserved to women.

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