Future soda? Micro-fermented, probiotic, water kefir brew

It's a 3000-year-old soda that is popular again. Water kefir is a natural ferment that was likely first discovered by shepherds who had led their animal to drink in high mountain springs in the Caucasus Mountains.

"The newfangledness of it is really that we've lost our culture in America. This is only newfangled to people that don't have access or a lineage that they're bringing forward of live culture fermenting of food," explains Tom Boyd.

Boyd, along with partners Jeffrey Edelheit and Deana Dennard, ferment their live beverages in what they call "the only kefir based microbrewery", a tiny shop in Sebastapol, California called the Kefiry. They use kefir grains (which aren't really grains, but bacteria and yeast that turn sugars into carbonation) to create their "enlivened" beverages that contain much less sugar than conventional sodas.

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A Meat with Unique Taste——Sour Meat [Western Yunnan Brother]

The meat made three months ago can be eaten today. Some ethnic minorities in Yunnan will pickle and ferment the meat to eat it. They are wrapped with banana leaves and fermented with glutinous rice and spices. The common feature is A small amount of salt is naturally marinated and fermented by virtue of Yunnan's unique weather resources. The meat has a slight sour taste, and it is fragrant but not greasy!

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