Joe Biden’s Mental Condition is... Presidential | Andrew Schulz

It's time we talk about Joe Biden. Some people may say that he's in the throes of dementia, and that his declining mental health should disqualify him from office,  but this couldn't be farther from the truth. Joe Biden's declining mental health doesn't make him crazy... it makes him Trump 2.0. INDULGE!

Written and Created by Andrew Schulz, Mark Gagnon, and Alexxmedia
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Inside a very British ioniser. (And how they fell out of favour.)

When you turn an ioniser on it makes virtually no noise - just a faint hiss from the needles.  There are no flashing lights and nothing moves.  Maybe this is why the marketing of these things got a bit too creative.  People were told that if they got one, their home would feel like a waterfall in the middle of a forest, and they would feel refreshed and energised by the "vitamins of the air". The whole marketing blurb has permanently contaminated the word "ioniser" and it's now used to advertise all manner of devices which are absolutely not ionisers.  Notably the rathed destructive ozone generators.  (Real ionisers only create a tiny amount of ozone.)

I genuinely believe that ionisers do a good job of precipitating microscopic particles out of the air.  The downside being that they do so indiscriminately onto every surface in a room, and make a bit of a mess as they do so.  They have been shown to prevent cross infection in schools and hospitals, and it makes me wonder if a good technology has fallen out of favour without proper scientific evaluation.

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A terminally ill woman left her husband and slept with a hundred men 😮😮😮

A resident of the United States fell ill with a terminal stage of cancer, abandoned her husband and slept with a hundred men before she died. It is reported by The Mirror.

A woman named Molly, whose surname was not disclosed for privacy reasons, was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer at 41. Even before a fatal diagnosis, she had problems with her husband, and she was looking for ways to diversify their sex life.

The patient was prescribed several types of treatment, such as mastectomy, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and reconstructive surgery. Then she began a second course of treatment, which included hormone therapy. Doctors told Molly that hormone therapy would destroy her libido, but instead, treatment increased her sexual arousal. Then she decided to part with her husband.

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