Daft Punk Tribute - 1993 to 2021 // Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

Daft Punk Tribute - 1993 to 2021 // Thank you.

This is not a best of - just a tribute to the duo that has impacted the world with their timeless/classic hits. Thank you for making me a lover of electronic music and although you'd release infrequently through the past 28 years - your catalogue will continue to live for much longer. Spliced together is footage I found of the duo online and the mix made by Ghostdragon. Hope you all enjoy. 

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Gina Carano Announces New Project; Project Veritas Kicked Off Twitter | Facts Matter 😮😮😮

Yesterday, most big tech companies (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube) enacted further censorship on their platforms.

Twitter kicked off Project Veritas. Youtube kicked off LifeSite News. Facebook enacted tighter policies regarding "misinformation." Even Disney got into the action - firing Gina Carano because of a social media post.

 Let’s discuss where this is leading America towards.

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