Judge Orders 50% Inmates Freed; Sheriff Refuses to Comply; Religious Freedom Wins | Facts Matter

A judge ordered the release of half the inmates inside Orange County jails. But the local sheriff will not comply.ย 

In Nevada, the Appeals Court ruled in favor of religious freedom, and struck down rules which limited church attendance.ย 

In Pennsylvania, a Republican group is again asking the Supreme Court to take up their case.ย 

A new report shows that, on average, any county which adopted the Dominion Voting Systems moved 2 to 3 percentage points towards Democrat presidential candidates.

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The fake 'kitchen hacks' with billions of views - BBC

Videos showing off "kitchen hacks" and baking ideas have clocked up billions of views - but do all the tips featured actually work?
BBC Click's Chris Fox tried out recipes from some of the biggest lifestyle channels on YouTube and Facebook and found not all was as it seemed, and speaks to How To Cook That channel's Ann Reardon, also known for her debunking fake cooking videos.

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