Exclusive: Over 432,000 Votes Removed From Trump in Pennsylvania: Data Scientists Say | Facts Matter


According to the Data Integrity Group, over 432K votes were removed from President Trump during the November election.

Over in Georgia, days before the Senate election, Facebook blocked the Republican candidates from running fundraising ads on the platform.

The House introduced a proposal to ban gender-specific words like “father, mother, son”, etc.

And there are now 12 confirmed senators who will challenge the election results on January 6th. They are calling for a Congressional Commission to investigate fraud.

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Modular Micro-Reactors – The Future of Nuclear Energy?

In this video Prof. Ruzic explains what modular micro-reactors are, and why they may be the future of nuclear power.  In particular, their ability to be a non-carbon source of process or district heat makes them an ideal replacement for fossil fuel plants.  In terms of electricity cost, they compete very well with diesel generation, and once mass produced could reach utility-scale prices. The micro-reactors are self-contained with their own containment, and passive safety features provided by the laws of physics.  All wastes generated are contained in the fuel itself which will last for 20 years.  At that point the whole reactor vessel is carted away, and a new one can be installed.

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