The Smallest Parrot you have ever seen - Tiny egg rescue 😮😮😮😮

I found a tiny budgie egg at a pet shop. If I could incubate it, would I be able to raise it?  With these big human hands? It's mother had just been sold. This meant the egg would have no chance without me giving it a try.

Last saturday we had some music technicalities to solve. Sorry if you have been waiting on the video. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did making it :) 

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The BATMAN Trailer Every EASTER EGG and Reference BREAKDOWN + Matt Reeves DC Fandome Panel Explained

The Batman Trailer was just released at DC Fandome, promising us the darkest, most realistic Batman we've ever seen. We break down every Easter Egg and story reveal form the trailer and Matt Reeves DC Fandome panel. The movie is packed with classic characters, such as the Riddler, Catwoman, Alfred, the Penguin, and a re-invented Bruce Wayne.

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The famous chef revealed the secret of perfect fried eggs 🍳 🥚🥚

The famous British chef Gordon Ramsay told how to cook the perfect scrambled eggs. He outlined his advice in a four-minute video posted on WatchTheDaily's YouTube channel.

Ramsey's secret is that he does not add spices to the very end. According to him, many salt the eggs too early, which makes it watery. He begins by breaking three eggs into a small saucepan, instead of salt and other seasonings, puts a slice of butter in it and immediately puts it on a strong fire.

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