How to Make Parmesan Cheese (Italian Hard Cheese) at Home - WOW

The Parmigiano Reggiano or Parmesan cheese as it is called in English is considered to be among the top cheeses by cheese connoisseurs. It is usually made using skimmed or partially skimmed unpasteurised milk however in this instance, I have used partially skimmed pasteurised/homogenised milk as that was all I had available.
Cheeses imitating Parmigiano Reggiano (like this version I've made) are called as Parmesan or Italian hard cheese by producers to avoid legal issues. Parmigiano Reggiano cheese is named after the provinces in which it is made, namely Provinces of Parma, Reggio Emilia, Modena, Bologna and Mantua.

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How Bhumi Growers Deals Yuzu and Rare Citrus to Michelin-Starred Restaurants — Vendors

After falling in love with the flavor of yuzu, Vivek and Seema decided to grow their own in New Jersey. Now, with help from their daughter Simran, the family has a full-on yuzu and citrus farm. While many of their rare fruits are available year-round, yuzu is only available August through November. Today, their business, Bhumi Growers, is one of the preferred yuzu and rare citrus vendors for top NYC restaurants like Masa and Gabriel Kreuther, and Elements in New Jersey.

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Roasted Chicken in a 2 Michelin star french restaurant with Giuliano Sperandio - "Le Clarence"

Widespread in all cultures of the world, roasted chicken is a true cult dish for French families. To discover its secrets, we went to Paris inside the kitchen of the two Michelin star restaurant "Le Clarence", hosted by Giuliano Sperandio. This great chef with Ligurian origins, already protagonist n couple with Mauro Ricciardi of our original pesto recipe, will guide us with his professionalism and great irony through the search of the perfect roasted chicken, without forgetting the side dish: French fries with Bernese sauce!

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Annual pig feast time again. Have you tried cured "blown" pig liver, stuffed trotters and sausages?

This year, we butchered the annual pig in a hurry. My family and I worked till late night and managed to prepare all dishes for the lunar new year. We made not only hams, ribs, sausages, cured "blown" pig liver, but also stuffed trotters. Among all annual pig feast dishes, stuffed trotters require the most efforts. We will have to peel the skin of a trotter integrally to stuff lean meat inside, leaving no gaps at all. Then stitch the skin and tie with straw tightly to boil until cooked. Marinade the trotter for months and it will become chewy and spongy, which tastes like sour meat.

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