The 3 Belly Types: WHICH ONE DO YOU HAVE?

Learn how to identify which type of belly you have and what’s causing it so you can finally get rid of your belly fat.

Three types of bellies:

1. Sagging belly This is visceral fat, which is spill-off from the liver. It spills off around the organs and inside of the organs. This is a dangerous type of fat because it can obstruct the function of certain organs, and it can increase inflammation that can create other health issues.

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8 Causes of Cancer that May Surprise You

Love the results of how I feel since I have been watching your videos. I trust your advice because it makes common sense. You are the first doctor that I feel connected with. You have compassion for helping people get to the root cause of their health struggles, so they can be completely well.  You have a wonderful spirit. I pray God's divine blessings of protection and favor all around you and your family. Thank you.

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10 Easy Keto Snack Recipes That'll Beat Your Munchies

Although snacking on keto is not recommended when it comes to weight loss, everyone needs a snack every once in a while. When that time comes, it's always best to be prepared ahead of time and have something on hand (or have a recipe you can whip up quickly) to squash the cravings. Here are some of our favorite keto snack recipes that we love to put together when the munchies hit! These snacks vary from sweet to savory and will fill the void whether the hunger strikes during the morning, afternoon, or evening.

These recipes will help you squeeze a healthy bite in that will keep you going until your next meal or just keep you on track with your carb limits. Even if you're not much of a snacker, these can be great for hungry guests or even as a meal when eaten in larger portions!

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