Big Bowl with a CNC Router

To make a bowl on the cnc routing table, I cut 11 rings from 3 sheets of 5'x5' baltic birch and glued them together. To make sure they were stacked precisely, I made a stepped jig that locked them into place. Once the glue had dried, I ran a program to mill the outside of the bowl with a 1/4"  ball nose bit. To mill the inside, I first needed to make another jig that matched the shape of the outside of the bowl, which would securely hold the bowl right side up. I had a little trouble milling the inside with just the ball nose bit, I realized it was too much material to remove. So I stopped the program and switched to a roughing pass with an end mill, to remove the majority of the material. Then I switched back to the finishing path with the ball nose to carve the inside of the bowl smooth. I used food grade butcher block oil to finish it. Kelly and I have been using the bowl for salads and other things quite regularly and the bowl has been a nice addition to our farm kitchen.

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Precision Framing from JAPAN

The framing is from Japan, but American builders nailed the details on this Las Vegas show home!   In this episode of The Build Show I'm taking a tour of the International Builder's Show concept home.  Here's the description from the IBS website.

"The BUILDER Chowa Concept Home brings together an international design, development, and construction team from Japan-based Sekisui House and its wholly-owned home building company Woodside Homes to introduce technologies, best practices, and a new approach to improving society through housing to the US. Chowa is an ancient Japanese term that represents the spirit of partnership and reflects life-balance, well-being, sustainable value, and connectedness to nature and will spotlight Sekisui House’s core value of “love of humanity” as a strategic platform for an innovative home of the future."

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