Audi RSQ3 Sportback review - a 400hp baby Lamborghini Urus!?!

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you took an Audi RS3, made it into an SUV, and then added a sporty sloping roof to it? Well, wonder no more… Introducing the Audi RS Q3 Sportback! It may be one of Audi’s smallest SUVs, but it certainly packs a punch, producing over 400hp! But coming in at just over £50k, is this SUV really practical enough to consider over an RS3? 

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Richard Gere became father at the age of 70 😮😮😮😮

American actor Richard Gere became a large father at the age of 70. This is reported by Hello!

The artist had a son from his wife, 37-year-old Spanish journalist and activist Alejandra Silva. It is clarified that they became parents for the second time: the couple’s first child was born in February 2018. At the same time, Gere also has a 20-year-old son from an American actress and former model Carey Lovell.

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Ungrateful elephant chased after the rescuers of the elephant 🐘🐘

In the Indian state of Assam, the ungrateful elephant set off in pursuit of the people who helped her baby elephant. Footage shot by eyewitnesses was published by Newsflare. 

Local residents and forestry officials tried to free the elephant calf, which was stuck between large stones. When they managed to get the animal out of the trap, his mother rushed to the rescuers.

People had to flee. As a result, one of the local residents, who was chased by an elephant, fell into a ditch and was injured. He had to be carried to the village in his arms.
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Robot spy gorilla infiltrates a wild gorilla troop 🕵️🦍 | Spy In The Wild - BBC

While a young mountain gorilla just wants to play with our Spy Gorilla will the Silverback be so welcoming?

Our Spy Creatures investigate the extraordinary wildlife that thrives in the tropics and the events and gatherings that happen across the year.

For the first time, our Spy Creatures record how gorillas sing when they are enjoying their meals, and in a comical moment they experience the noisy after-effects of their vegetarian diet. In Brazil, Spy Jaguar Cub explores a beautiful gathering of water birds, capybara and caiman, and joins Spy Caiman to film a feeding frenzy as its wild counterparts go fishing. In Costa Rica, Spy Turtle and Spy Vulture gain an insider’s view of the spectacular turtle arribada as thousands jostle for a place on the beach to lay their eggs. In Zambia, Spy Hippo takes us into the heart of a hippo pod, and is too close for comfort as it films a dramatic fight.

Spy Dolphin and a host of other Spy Creatures, such as Spy Monkey, Spy Sloth and Spy Macaw, take us into the mysterious world of the Amazon’s flooded forest, and in northern Australia, Spy Bat becomes immersed in a nursery of little red flying foxes and joins them on the wing as they risk getting snapped up by hungry freshwater crocodiles. Spy Orangutan returns to Borneo to investigate the extraordinary bulbous-nosed proboscis monkey and some curious orangutans. In incredible scenes, Spy Baby Elephant uncovers the secret world of pygmy forest elephants, and in a thrilling finale, Spy Penguin and Spy Seal join Humboldt penguins as they bravely navigate thousands of angry sea lions as they try to return to their hungry chicks.

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