DIY Hydrogen/Oxygen Generators From Grocery Store Items (HHO Fuel Cells & Split Cell Electrolysis)

I had a lot of fun doing these experiments about 12 years ago.  I ended on some conclusions.  Straight DC is okay, but when you get to playing around with pulsed DC, you can really go crazy.  I ramped my voltage up to about 5KV and was able to adjust my frequency to about 1-2 kHz and able to adjust the duty cycle as I saw fit.  Last set of toying with it was to use pure water with no electrolyte, and having a resistance monitoring system to automatically adjust the duty cycle based on water quality.  And that's when I reached the end of my skill set.  I'll hit it back up when I learn to code.

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A Plane Without Wings: The Story of The C.450 Coléoptère

Throughout the 1950s, aircraft designers around the world began developing a unique aircraft configuration, called a tail-sitter. Unlike conventional airplanes, tail sitting planes rested on their tails and used engine power alone to lift off the ground before transitioning to vertical flight, and returning to land vertically once again on their tail. The configuration, although technically challenging to develop, would allow aircraft to operate without runways, fundamentally changing how and where air forces could use their aircraft. 

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Tie A Scarf Like A Man! 15 Stylish and EASY Scarf Knots

Wow, nostalgia ☺️ How to tie scarf knots was the very first video I saw from you Antonio, around 5 years ago when I was looking for some knot inspiration. It was one of your really old videos when I subscribed  to your channel and now this is your first video I'm watching in 2021. And as always, nice one! 👍  

Have a great and successful year guys! All the best!

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