“They Outright LIED!!!” Joe Rogan EXPOSES CNN & Don Lemon's Rebuttal

Russell, you're great. The open evolution you show is inspiring. It honestly is. You give all views a fair shake, even if that means going against the grain and opening yourself up to criticism...which opens you up to being labeled horrible things and ultimately, losing income. We need more people like you that are willing to risk it for the biscuit.

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Dr. Gundry's “Yes” & “No” Diet List

So many people pour their time, energy, and hard-earned cash into shake mixes, supplements, and specialty products. And they think this time and money is well spent because they’re making the “healthy” choice. But what if they’re wrong? What if those healthy choices aren’t ACTUALLY healthy at all? That’s why Dr. Gundry created his eating program. 

As it turns out, even “health” foods like fruit and vegetables can actually do your body harm. 

Why? Plants don’t want to be eaten. They simply want to survive. One of the ways they defend themselves against hungry animals like us is by producing toxic chemical compounds – proteins known as lectins.

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Candace Owens wins stoush with 'biased' factchecking site PolitiFact

Prominent conservative commentator Candace Owens has won a challenge against PolitiFact after the fact-checking website labeled a video she posted as “false" and caused it to be to be censored on Facebook.

Ms Owens posted a video on November 12, which she called: “Joe Biden is literally and legally not the President-elect. So why is the media pretending he is?”

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WILD HORSE BRACELET Micro sculpture with a meaning

From the very beginning I was fascinated by the idea of a Wild Horse swimming/fighting against the tide. Very few sculptures define in such a simple manner what it means to sometimes feel different.

When you stand up for your beliefs, your visions, your thoughts, your insides... you feel so alive, so “your own”, so confident... but sometimes also so misunderstood... that the only way left is the self conviction one, the dedication and the NO surrender. Something deep in our bones tells us that this is the right path to follow, or at least that this is our path.

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