#1 Most Addictive Food

Candy of all sorts is my worst addiction. Then comes ice cream and chips. I like pizza, but never eat it unless i get offered some when visiting friends. Iv never been fat, but a real sugar junkie and ended up with pre diabetes and pain in my feet and hands among many other issues. This channel saved my life. I never thought my issues were due to me eating crap, because i worked out and was in good shape. But i grew a lot wiser.

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Dr. Mandell Interviews Forensic Psychologist on Pain, Obesity, Stress & Anxiety (Lifestyle Changes)

The greater the number of stressors an individual is exposed to, the greater the later chances of addiction.  

Addiction is a complex disease, often chronic in nature, which affects the functioning of the brain and body.  

When you’re stuck in the cycle of addiction, recovery can seem out of reach. But no matter how powerless you feel, change is always possible with the right help.  Don’t give up, even if you’ve tried and failed before. 

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