Day in the Life of a Japanese Casino Worker Pachinko

A day in the life working in Tokyo Japan as a Pachinko Casino Worker.   This is what a typical day working in Japan is like if you work in the Casino Entertainment and leisure Industry.  This is typical life living in Tokyo and working a morning shift.  The Japan working culture is shown as we follow Kento, 27 year old Pachinko Parlor Hall Manager from morning until evening to see what his average Japanese job is like.  Pachinko Hall manager works at Maruhan, one of the largest Pachinko companies in Japan. Pachinko is a type of mechanical ball game resembling pinball, but instead with many tiny balls and with the aim to drop the balls into specific pockets in the machine.  If one of the balls, goes into the designated pocket, called STATO CHAKKA, it will initiate a slot machine like roll on the LCD screen.  If the numbers or patterns line up, then it’s a jackpot.  The winnings can be used to claim various prizes at the front desk, but cannot be claimed for cash directly since gambling is prohibited by Japanese law.  Instead, the winnings can be exchanged into gold chips.  Then outside at a neighboring TUC shop, the gold chips can be exchanged for cash.

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