Mysterious creature with sharp teeth and a dolphin nose carried out from the depths of the ocean

An unidentified sea creature with sharp teeth, a dolphin's nose and an elongated torso has carried ashore on the Mexican peninsula of Punta Mita, Nayarit. This was reported by the local news portal Tribuna de la Bahía.

A mysterious creature was discovered by a company of local residents while walking along the coast. Eyewitnesses mistook him for a dead dolphin until they examined the creature closer. Since the underwater inhabitant did not have eyes, the locals decided that he was thrown from the depths of the ocean. Later, several fishermen tried unsuccessfully to find out what kind of creature it was.

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1 Day, 1 Pound, 3 Meals - Limited Budget Food Challenge

This is just another exercise where I will impose an artificial budget of £1 for 1 day, to see if I can work around that to make three nice meals - breakfast, lunch and evening meal.

So this isn't £1 a day for a week - it's £1 for 1 day only - there is no scaled budget here to save by buying things in any kind of bulk

Parameters for this challenge include:
NO spices or ingredients from my own store cupboards (tap water only)
BUT I can add in anything else that I can get for free without stealing.

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