Why Sport is important for kids

IRELAND: A survey of 1,000 parents for Kellogs GAA Cúl Camps - also found that 1 in 5 parents can't afford to have their kids involved in sport.
Can't afford? laughing  Seriously?  open_mouth  I bet they can afford to smoke 20 a day and drink alcohol. 
So, here are some very valid reasons why it is important to get your child or children involved in sport;

Physical Activity Promotes Good Mental Health
Team sports provide regular aerobic activity, which is known to have beneficial effects on memory, cognition, and mood.
That same involvement can also provide kids with a social network of peers, while also instilling in them a sense of purpose, belonging, and achievement.
All of which are protective factors against depression.

Team Sports Encourage Empathy and Co-operation
Team sports inherently foster development of social emotional inhibitory control and self-regulation skills as players must follow and remember game rules, take turns, cooperate and collaborate with teammates, build trust in teammates, and experience empathy for others during wins and losses.

Playing Sports help to keep fit 
Kids who participate in sports have stronger muscles and bones. It also helps keep their weight under control, which is important considering the child obesity problem we are seeing. Being active in sports will also help keep their heart healthy because it improves cardiovascular endurance.

A Healthy Body leads to Healthy Mind
Brain processing takes up about 20% of our total metabolism through cognitive activities like memory, attention and concentration.
This cognition needs a strong flow of fuel (glucose, oxygen) and hormones to activate and enhance the brain’s capacity to perform, learn and get rid of waste.
So any prolonged sitting and inactivity can lead to negative cognitive consequences. For instance, inactivity in childhood has been linked to reduced working memory, attention and learning.
A student’s brain does not keep itself healthy independently. It is the connection with a healthy, moving body that can help improve brain performance.
Physical activity is also important in developing students’ brain structures (cells/neurons) and functioning at an early age.
The human brain is not fully developed until the third decade of life, so getting kids moving can be a powerful academic strategy.

To summarise, participating in sports can help young people develop important skills such as leadership, discipline, and a strong work ethic, among others. If you 'cant afford' to get them involved then consider kicking a ball around in the garden or park with them. 
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