Buys '50s home to fix it, falls for its indoor/outdoor mastery

In 1949, Wells Blackshear and his son Harold began designing and building their own home in South Austin, guided by the recycled 18th-century longleaf pine timbers and the existing old-growth trees on the property. Cutting down the minimum possible trees, they built the home nestled amongst pines. According to his son, Wells had an innate sense of scale and proportion, envisioning the building in his “mind’s eye” and working without drawing, allowing the house to evolve during construction.

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Hans Zimmer - Time - Most Inspirational Video Italy 4k

Hans Zimmer performing Time Soundtrack from Inception live mixed with a film I worked on 2 years alone to shot in the dolomites mountains of Italy. 
This music was chosen before the idea of starting all my adventures, I also used to listen to it while hiking/climbing to inspire me more while watching these scenes in real life. It pushed me for 2 years to have commitment and patience to wait for the perfect scenes to fit this powerful music from Hans Zimmer. Many disappointments, multiple climbing for a single mountain just hoping to capture the shot I'm imagining and dreaming of while this music is playing in my head all the time.

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