Cheap Wi-Fi IP Surveillance Camera (Very little DIY needed)

This camera uses ESP32 camera module, it can be programmed via Arduino IDE just like Arduino. You can even connect other devices to it, like sensors, displays, relays and much more (you'll need some Arduino coding skills for that). 

Although it can work without any programming, I recommend to flash it with my modified code (or use code from Arduino IDE examples).

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Real Shaolin Disciple Reacts to Fake Martial Arts ⚔️

Most Shaolin related videos I have made in the past were very serious. Time to have some fun! Fake martial arts are so prevelant online and I love looking at them. So why not share this guilty pleasure of mine with you?

I asked you guys to send me funny and fake Kung Fu & Martial Arts videos on Discord and Twitter and you guys have delivered. Now its my turn! Hope you guys enjoy. Angry Tai Ji Quan Masters incoming 😱😱

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