The BATMAN Trailer Every EASTER EGG and Reference BREAKDOWN + Matt Reeves DC Fandome Panel Explained

The Batman Trailer was just released at DC Fandome, promising us the darkest, most realistic Batman we've ever seen. We break down every Easter Egg and story reveal form the trailer and Matt Reeves DC Fandome panel. The movie is packed with classic characters, such as the Riddler, Catwoman, Alfred, the Penguin, and a re-invented Bruce Wayne.

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How Starlink Will Change The Internet

Like many of us, you may have laid witness to some bright strings of light shooting across the night sky recently. Shooting stars? Orchestrated drones? UFOs perhaps?

While any of those things would be equally as exciting, chances are, what you were really seeing was Starlink – the satellite constellation being constructed by Elon Musk and his budding team at SpaceX.

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Sour Bamboo Shoots - The Soul Spices of Dai-styled Yunnan Cuisine

Besides various fungus and mushrooms, the mountains are abundant in all kinds of bamboo shoots, sweet bamboo shoots, bitter bamboo shoot, mountain bamboo shoots...Every time when I think of bamboo shoots, it always makes me drool. Today, I want to introduce the bitter bamboo shoots. It is also called the giant bamboo shoots. It can be sliced and boiled to make "yellow bamboo shoots", or it can be shredded to soak in water and ferment for days to make "sour bamboo shoots". Though it is sour and smelly, the sour bamboo shoots have a unique taste that is truly irreplaceable.
Different bamboo shoots will give you a different taste when cooked in different ways. But one thing that remains the same is its freshness. Do enjoy the bamboo shoots during the wet season.

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