25 Funny Situations you've Definitely Been in | Expectation Vs Reality

Awkward moments follow us everywhere! Sometimes we think that we look gorgeous but the reality you see in the mirror is frightening as your hairstyle is awful and your makeup is a real fail. When you are going to work out you think you look stunning in new leggings and a crop top, you made a perfect ponytail and is ready to break hearts in a gym. In reality, after 15 minutes of hard work you are totally wet and exhausted. Fail! You spent a whole hour on cooking a crust pie and it should be perfect! In reality, you were speaking on the phone with your friend and forgot about a pie. The result is that you have burnt pie crust. Do you want to change your hairstyle? You have found an amazing hairstyle on a picture but the actual result is awful. Everyone has this awkward moment when you realize that your new hairstyle is a catastrophe. 

Have you ever thought that the real life of your friends differs from real life? Most Instagram photos look perfect: everybody is smiling, have a perfect body, have a lot of fun at parties and have the happiest life. In real life perfect photos that girls make depend on the right pose, makeup, and light. 
A lot of people pretend that they spend hours in the gym and eat only healthy food and post photos of smoothies and low-fat food. But in reality, you can meet these people in McDonald's. Same story with workouts. A lot of people pretend to have a very interesting life full of parties and different activities and hobbies. In reality, most of them spend time at home watching a TV show. 

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Sonam Sharma
Sonam Sharma 25 March 2021 12:37
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