Buy The Perfect Watch For YOU (10 Biggest Newbie Mistakes!)

 Generally good advise, especially to make up your own mind what is a good watch for you.  I have seen this many times, where the online watch community crowns a certain watch as the one to own, while other watches fly under the radar.  That is where the good deals are, is the ones flying under the radar.

 I would add a few things.

   Do your research.  Know the difference between a dress watch, an all rounder, and the various types of sport watches.  I know this is maybe a bit nitpicky, but in your video, the image you used as an example of a dress watch was of the Rolex Datejust, which is not a dress watch.  Rather, it is historically a sport watch, but now more of an all rounder , especially when paired with the polished Jubilee bracelet.  A true dress watch is small, thin, simple three handed design, and usually made of precious metal.  Not many people wear a true dress watch as a daily wearer.           
   After you do your research, and learn of the types of watches, and the various iconic designs such as the Rolex Datejust, Submariner, Cartier Tank, JLC Reverso, Omega Speedmaster, are in a position to start looking for a watch that speaks to you, both in functionality, formality, and personality.
   Most people buy watches to wear them, so keep that in mind.  You wouldn't wear a pair of trainers with a dark suit. Or chunky boots. And you wouldn't wear a novelty tie for a serious meeting or job interview.  Just as you wouldn't wear black oxfords with some faded jeans and a sweatshirt.  Keep all that in mind when considering your watch purchase.  I know some guys where giant sports watches with a suit, and some make it work.  But most don't
    Finally, there is the part where some might call me a snob, but there are watches you should never buy for any reason, including fakes, but also fashion brands, some of which unfortunately have been sponsors here before.  It isn't that they won't tell time.  They will.  But they are a poor value for the money.
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