Presenter Emma Louise Jones - Leeds United best signing this season 😍💕😍

This young lady was called the main transfer of Leeds. After such a neckline you will understand everything.
The English club considered the huge talent of Emma Jones.
For several years, Emma Jones has been called one of the most spectacular ladies in English football.

After working on Viking Radio, the girl got a job at Leeds Club TV, and White fans joked that this was the team’s best transfer in recent years.

Here are some powerful arguments for Emma.

1.  Emma and her smile

2.  Emma fishing

3. Emma on Nike

4. Emma driving

5. Emma in red

6. Emma in flowery top 

7. Emma in black

8. Emma with plaited hair

9. Emma at work

10. Just cool Emma

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mariakent 20 January 2020 23:18
Wow  kissing I'm not surprised  heart_eyes 
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