A man walked with a dog and found a message in a 82-year-old bottle

A resident of the British island of Jersey discovered a bottle with a letter 82 years ago. This was reported by the Daily Mail.

55-year-old Nigel Hill walked with a dog and accidentally found a glass bottle with a message dated September 5, 1938. The note was left on a piece of cardboard packaging from under the cake. It said: "If you found this bottle, please contact John Stapleford and attach a photograph." At the end of the letter, the author indicated his address.

Hill posted the find information on his Facebook page. Soon he managed to contact a woman who currently lives at the address indicated in the letter. “She said she doesn’t remember any John Stapleford. She has lived in that house for the past 30 years, ”Hill says. Then she looked at the names of past owners and found that Stapleford purchased this house in 1921.

The British said that he would like to find Stapleford's relatives and give them a bottle with a letter. Hill examined the birth and death registration database and found the author of the message. It turned out that Stapleford was born on August 4, 1889, and died on December 2, 1980 in the English county of Norfolk.

Earlier in February, it was reported that a resident of the Canadian city of Vancouver found a touching message in a bottle near the Hyde Guai archipelago. 16 years ago, this letter was allegedly sent from Indonesia and covered 11 thousand kilometers.
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