Day in the Life of a Japanese Delivery Worker

A day in the life working in Tokyo Japan as a Delivery Worker at Sagawa Express, one of the largest transportation companies in Japan.  This is what a typical day working in Japan is like if you worked for a large shipping company as a Japanese delivery man or delivery women in Tokyo.  Japan work life and Japan work culture can be seen throughout the video from morning until evening.  Yasuho, who is 22 years old, recently started working in a Japanese company Sagawa and we follow her through her average working day in Tokyo Japan.  These are her typical working hours in Japan.  She loves working in Japan and for her Japanese company as a Japanese delivery worker.  Japanese delivery women work the same as the delivery men in Japan and there doesn't seem to be much of difference in work responsibilities.  In fact, this is a peek into Japan life and Tokyo life that is rare to see, but Yasuho has been kind enough to let us follow her for the day.  You'll find that Japanese delivery workers in Tokyo do a lot of walking since businesses are quite close to each other so it doesn't make sense to drive around in a delivery truck all day when compared to other countries.  I hope you enjoy this video about delivery workers in Japan, life in Toyo and how it might be like working for a Japanese company such as Sagawa Express.

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Ninja69 12 November 2020 19:04
Tell me her Instagram id..
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