Japanese Timber Frame - Stones and Sills

We are excited to share this new project, which is an extension of our house using Japanese style joinery. The frame is 12x22 with a 6' cantilevered porch/balcony. Granite boulders were purchased from a Lexington KY landscaping supplier. The base frame has 6 stones, with 12 or 8 foot spans between them depending on direction. This sill timber matrix has 5x5 posts of virginia pine, and 5x9 sill beams of white pine. All wood has been dried about 2 years now. The site has a drop of about 6 feet overall.

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How a Master Chef Uses Michelin-Level Techniques at His Jamaican-Chinese Restaurant — Mise En Place

At Patois in Toronto, chef Craig Wong takes the techniques he learned cooking at three-Michelin-starred French restaurants and applies them to the flavors he grew up with in Jamaican-Chinese dishes. Aided by his right-hand-man chef Nicholas Beckford, the two create dishes like jerk chicken chow mein, jerk pork belly yakisoba, and more.

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World First - Skydiver Luke Aikins Jumps 25000 Feet Into Net With No Parachute

On July 30 2016, Skydiver Luke Aikins, made history, when he jumped from 25,000 feet out of an airplane without a parachute, landing safely in a net set up in the desert of Simi Valley, California, setting a world record.

Luke, who was 42 at the time of the jump, is a third generation skydiver, who has been skydiving since the age of 16 and has deployed a parachute more 18,000 times over the course of his skydiving and BASE jumping career.

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