Cashier from McDonald's posted beach photos and got rich 😮❤️❤️❤️❤️

The cashier from McDonald's has posted beach photos from vacation on social networks and got rich. Her story is Mirror.

23-year-old Tanya McDonnell from Houghton le Spring, England, worked in a fast food restaurant located in a shopping center. About a year ago, the girl posted on her Instagram page pictures in a swimsuit, which she took while relaxing in Dubai.

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Blogger covered her body with a pillow during isolation and accidentally launched a trend 😁😁😁

The Swedish blogger covered her body with a pillow during isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic and accidentally launched a new trend. Photos of her followers appeared on Instagram.

Firo secured a purple pillow with a black belt at her waist, then took a picture in the mirror and shared the picture in her Instagram account. She complemented the outfit with a bag and New Balance sneakers. "The image of the day!" - the girl signed the post, adding the hashtag #quarantinepillowchallenge, which to date has been used more than a thousand times.


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Tusila with Bieber, meets with the NBA basketball player. Instagram of this model is a real magnet

Audreyana Michelle and Austin Rivers - a gorgeous couple.

No matter how cool the basketball player Austin Rivers from Houston may be, he is second in star in his family. Simple analytics: Austin has 387 thousand followers on Instagram, and his beloved Audreyana Michelle has 812 thousand.

The famous model in the family has Euro-Americans, African-Americans and Native Americans. Apparently, such a mix of genes created such beauty.

By the way, perhaps Rivers is not the most stellar boyfriend of Audreyana: the girl has friendly relations with Justin Bieber. For a long time rumors circulated in the media that the model and artist were more than just friends.

01. Audreyana Michelle


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The Italian TV presenter loves to be photographed in Serie A jersey. And without them ❤️❤️❤️

This girl is hotter than the surface of the sun.

Ludovica Pagani - an insanely bright and open Italian, working in the homeland as TV presenter. The girl often attends matches of various Serie A teams and loves to be photographed in jersey.

But believe me, there are many other photos in her profile.


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Australian fitness model explodes gyms. Her instagram is hot too 🔥 (10 photos)

Chantelle Knight motivates you to go to the gym.

(10 photos)

Not much is known about Chantelle Knight: she loves fitness, yoga, surfing and other outdoor activities. Here is her hot workout. The girl participates in tournaments and in 2018 won the “Bikini Open” (class B) in Australia. So far, her Instagram is not very popular - only 75K subscribers. But this is not so important - the content is more interesting.

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The girl spent 40.5 thousand Australian dollars on her tattooed eyes and body

The girl spent 40.5 thousand Australian dollars on tattoos that currently completely cover her body and eyes. It is reported by Mirror. 

Amber Breeana Luke, 24, from New South Wales, Australia, made her first tattoo calligraphic inscription at age 16. At the moment, her body is completely covered with designer images of flowers, skulls and animals. The girl stopped counting the drawings after their number reached 150.

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The Flyers games are full of people, regardless of the results. All because of the Flyers TV's journalist

(10 photo)
Andrea Helfrich - the same mascot of the "pilots" as Gritti.

Andrea Helfrich, being a little girl, presented herself as a leading news and weather forecast. While studying at college, she did internships at Fox 29 Philadelphia, later worked at WICZ Fox 40. In parallel, in 2012, Helfrich won the Miss Philadelphia contest.

Since childhood, Andrea has been a fan of the Philadelphia hockey, and therefore it is not surprising that in 2017 she was invited to Flyers TV Host. Since then, there has always been a fiery atmosphere at Flyers matches.

01. Andrea and the Flyers Flower color dress

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Shesterkin's girlfriend has 7 times more followers than the Rangers goalkeeper. Now you will understand why

(11 photos)

Anna Butusova went after a hockey player to New York and now sparkles there.

Shesterkin was selected by the Rangers in the fourth round of the 2014 draft pick under the overall 118th number, but only last year moved to New York. The goalkeeper began preparations for the season with the main team, but went to Hartford Wolf Pack, the Rangers farm club in the AHL. There Igor proved himself to be as powerful as possible and even got a call to the All-Star League match.
The success of the 24-year-old goalkeeper did not go unnoticed, and since the beginning of 2020 he has been playing in the NHL. The goalkeeper took first place in the ranking of the 50 most promising NHL players according to TSN. The guy, of course, rejoices in recent successes, but he won the main victory a long time ago - on the personal front. A charming lady named Anna Butusova conquers New York with him. The girl has 300 thousand followers on Instagram - seven times more than her boyfriend. Shesterkin will have to play very well to equal his girlfriend.

Rate her great content and join the army of followers.

01. Anna and the beautiful sunset


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