Shapiro Reacts To Disgusting Race-Baiting Tweet - WOW

After a Holiday Inn Express worker was harshly criticized by a customer, provoking the employee to apparently suffer a mental breakdown while the customer kept berating him, a self-described journalist who calls himself “The World’s #1 Race-baiter” posted the video online, framing the situation in racial terms by highlighting that the employee was white and the customer black.

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BLM co-founder facing criticism over property purchases

Sky News contributor Joe Hildebrand says “every single” socialist he’s ever met “was rich”.

 It comes after Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors has faced criticism and calls for an investigation into her multi-million-dollar real estate purchases, undertaken over the recent years.  

“Show me a poor socialist, that’s a yarn,” Mr Hildebrand told Sky News host Paul Murray.

“Rich socialist, not a story. Every single socialist I’ve ever met was rich”.

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