This way you have to eat at night!

The idea that eating at night makes you gain weight stems from animal studies, which suggest that the body may use consumed calories differently past a certain time of day.
Some researchers hypothesize that eating at night goes against your circadian rhythm, which is the 24-hour cycle that tells your body when to sleep, eat and wake.
According to your circadian rhythm, nighttime is for resting, not eating.

Вот так надо кушать на ночь!

Posted by Владимир Михалков on Wednesday, November 27, 2019
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Motorcycle Types for Beginners - How to Choose at

For beginners, finding the right motorcycle to fit their needs can be a daunting task. The selection is vast, and the expense is not insignificant. Various types of motorcycles have equally varied strengths. They also have their own set of weaknesses. Just as you wouldn’t use a sledgehammer to polish your best dress shoes, you wouldn’t want to choose a track bike if the type of riding you wanted to do was all off-road. Regardless of if you are looking for a beginner motorcycle, or are merely seeking to take a dip into another riding style that you might not be as experienced in, this video is all about providing some insight into the types of motorcycles available, and how they can improve your desired riding experience.

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25 Funny Situations you've Definitely Been in | Expectation Vs Reality

Awkward moments follow us everywhere! Sometimes we think that we look gorgeous but the reality you see in the mirror is frightening as your hairstyle is awful and your makeup is a real fail. When you are going to work out you think you look stunning in new leggings and a crop top, you made a perfect ponytail and is ready to break hearts in a gym. In reality, after 15 minutes of hard work you are totally wet and exhausted. Fail! You spent a whole hour on cooking a crust pie and it should be perfect! In reality, you were speaking on the phone with your friend and forgot about a pie. The result is that you have burnt pie crust. Do you want to change your hairstyle? You have found an amazing hairstyle on a picture but the actual result is awful. Everyone has this awkward moment when you realize that your new hairstyle is a catastrophe. 


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