Eeek ;( Only up the road

What we have is an Eratigena species commonly known as a giant house spider and the most likely scenario is that the mouse's tail has touched the spiders web hence the spider biting the tail. The reality is, that the spider would never have the capacity to take down that mouse and we can see that as the mouse casually walks away. None the less, this is an amazing piece of documentation and hats off to the person who filmed it.

Eeek ;( Only up the road

Okay so if Spiders give you the #HeebieJeebies , you probably should not watch...this spider was found 20 minutes from New Ross 😲😲 - The spiders are coming... peeps, This guy is so big Mr Attenborough should be commentating, Martin Spider O'Brien's we may have found you a mascot :D 🌍 📸 We ❤️ New Ross

Posted by New Ross on Saturday, June 29, 2019
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  Upgrade your apartment with these easy DIY ideas.

  Does your room seems boring to you? Don't worry, we've got it covered! Here are some crazy cool crafts and DIYs that will definitely leave you inspired. Just prepare some cement and polymer clay.
  DIY lamp stand
  If even Ikea lamp stands look boring to you, it is time to create something unique. Take 10-12 old books that you won't read anymore and mix a bowl of cement. Put the books in the cement mixture one by one and then place them one on another randomly to create a column. Let dry. Well done! Now you can put your lamp on this unique handmade lamp stand that makes your room look so cozy :)

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World's Best Council Estate?

And an amazing, subsidised, public transport system - so less need for car ownership
Amazing! How incredible to make people feel worthwhile and give them all the facilities they need to live a healthy and active life in a safe environment. So impressive!

George Clarke's Council House Scandal - World's Best Council Estate?

Would you live in this council estate in Austria for just £600 per month? Swimming Pools and Tennis Courts included!

Posted by Channel 4 on Tuesday, September 24, 2019
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